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mindfulness based therapy for sensitive women & couples

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Hello! I'm Ellie.

I'm a Mindfulness-Based Therapist. I help empathetic, sensitive women:

  • learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

  • feel more confident & at ease in relationships

  • trust themselves, and feel more comfortable in their own skin

I help empathetic, sensitive women ease anxiety & feel more self assured in relationships.

​Despite being creative, funny, smart and compassionate, you're often caught up in worried thoughts about what others may think or what could go wrong in the future.  And on top of this, you're tired of trying to get rid of your anxiety, only to find it getting stronger. Sensitivity is such a beautiful trait, but feeling things so deeply, and having such a rich inner life, can lead to overwhelm & anxiety.

Maybe you try to distract yourself from worry and anxious feelings by seeking reassurance from others or scrolling online. You're not only feeling anxious or self-conscious, but also judging yourself for feeling this way.

Fortunately, anxiety is workable, and therapy can help you move towards a rich, full & meaningful life



online therapy for sensitive women in maryland.

individual therapy

does this sound like you?


I want to learn how to manage stress & anxiety, and feel more resilient.


I want to trust the waves of life, trust my heart & trust my basic goodness.


I'd like to feel more self assured, and confident in my relationships.

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you deserve to experience a steady, present mind.

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